​Cherish is a 17 year old rocky mountain quarter horse. She is in her prime and loves being with so many different people. Besides working with people her other "hobby" is working with cattle. She is a very versatile horse.  Cherish is 1/2 Rocky Mtn. Horse and 1/2 Quarter horse.  Her nice smooth 4-beat gait is a joy to ride. Besides a sweet personality is is a very pretty horse!  

Supporting the Program

Nugget & Champ
Nugget and Champ are upcoming horses for the program. Nugget is 5 years old and Champ is 4 years old.  Both are Rocky Mountain geldings with very smooth gaits. Nugget has given a few rides in the arena and Champ is learning how he needs to behave! . Both love attention and being with people. They are being indroduced to all the activity and equipment that is needed and are handing it very well.  It takes time and maturity along with training to get the horses to where they need to be to be suitable for our riders with special needs. These 2 are going to be great! 
Bandit is 18year old Paint gelding miniature horse.  He is a bit shyer, he enjoys being brushed and taken for walks.

With your support horses will be well maintained. These funds help with board (including hay) supplements of minerals or extra feed, hoof triming and/or vet and dental care. Your support at any level is very much appreciated. 

Board/Hay: $183.75

Trimming: $45

Vet & Dental: $40

Supplement: 20.00

Tack repair/maintenance: $50

Lease fee: $70

Total per horse each month: $408.75

How can you help?

Click on  the donate button to go to Paypal (you do not need an account, just a credit card)

E-Trans also accepted to email

Checks made out to Gaitway To Equine Experiences can be mailed to

202 Poplar Crescent, Springbrook, AB. T4S 1V4 

Cash can be handed to any board member.

The cost of a horse/month

Wrangler is 16 year old and an appaloosa mare miniature horse. He loves to pull the cart and let the "drivers" learn to drive. 

Whoopie was a faithful teacher for 9 years. Sadly she passed away Nov18, 2019. She is missed by her herd mates and her human mates


​Twinkle is a 10 year old Rocky Mountain horse. She is great for riders with a little more experience and need to advance in their riding skills. Twinkle is a Rocky Mountain Horse with a smooth 4-beat gait.  Twinkle is a pretty, smaller black mare.  

Whoopie is 28 years young! A great age for a horse. She is a Fox-trotter mare. She loves the riders, especially the ones that like to get into a nice slow lope!  Whoopie came to us a few years ago with some fears and uncertainties. She has developed into a very calm loving mount for our riders. Whoopie is the horse that faithfully carries the special saddle to enable our riders with balance issues to ride.

The Horses

Without horses there could be no program. ​The Horses are uniquely trained  and are experienced with people of all ages and abilities. The horses are very familiar with equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and other mobility aids