Looking for dedicated active volunteers 

As a non-profit the biggest challenge is raising FUNDS to provide the services and subsidies to

enable individuals  to participate in equine activities.

Fund Development Committee: A group of people actively involved in finding & submitting grants, presenting opportunities from service clubs and securing organizations participation, "brain storming" other avenues for revenue. Their goal to ensure there are funds for scholarships and for funding the programs that Gaitway provides. This is a year round activity that requires ongoing research into available funding models.  

Advisory Committee: A group of individuals with expertise in various area that affect those with special needs as well as expertise in other areas that will be an asset to Gaitway's mission. Areas such as physical therapist, occupational therapist, Doctor, lawyers,those in the disability field as well as other areas. These individuals would be available to for networking to various agency's, aiding in helping set up individual programing needs and other consulting needs. While this would not be a "formal" committee , it would be a group of committed people dedicated to helping Gaitway fulfill its mission and vision.

Contact us at 
info@gaitwayequine.ca to volunteer your time and energies to this great non-profit. 

Horse and Rider Volunteers: There will be times when we need volunteers to be horse handlers and sidewalkes for riders that need that assistance.  Programing is provided through HorseSense HorseManShip. Contact them at dkhorses2009@live.com  to find out where you can help.